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The diet menu necessarily includes: rice cereals, vegetable soups, mashed potatoes. If the symptoms do not return within a week, you can gradually add dietary meat (not fried), crackers, herbs and vegetables.
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The diet can always be adjusted if the signs of the syndrome return again. When bad breath appears, you need to add a lot of water, which must be drunk in small portions.

On the first day of the diet, the child should not be given anything except rye bread crackers. On the second day, you can add rice water or diet baked apples. If everything is done correctly, then on the third day, nausea and diarrhea will pass.

In no case do not complete the diet if the symptoms are gone. Doctors recommend strictly adhere to all its rules. On the seventh day youyou can add biscuit cookies, rice porridge (without oil), vegetable soup to the diet.

You can add low-fat fish, vegetable puree, buckwheat, sour-milk products.

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Parents whose child is prone to the appearance of this disease should have glucose and fructose preparations in their home medicine cabinet. Also on hand should always be dried apricots, raisins, dried fruits. The baby's nutrition should be fractional (5 times a day) and balanced. As soon as there is any sign of an increase in acetone, you should immediately give the child something sweet.
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If the body temperature does not rise, and the smell of acetone is gone, then the baby's nutrition can be made more varied.

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Children should not be allowed to overexert themselves, either psychologically or physically.

Daily walks in nature, water procedures, a normal eight-hour sleep, hardening procedures are shown.

This is best done in the off-season twice a year.


Between attacks it is good to carry out preventive treatment of glimepiride. Acetonemic syndrome in children. What doctors are silent about. I am a happy and healthy mom. I'm also an expert in medicine.
Acetonemic syndrome: advice from doctors.

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Why does acetone rise in children. Top 8 reasons. Neuro-arthritic diathesis Stress Psychoemotional stress Viral infections Unbalanced diet Starvation Overeating Excessive consumption of protein and fatty foods. Symptoms of glimepiride acetone in a child.

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amaryl of acetone from the child's mouth headache and migraine lack of appetite vomiting an unpleasant smell of sour and rotten apples of urine weight loss disturbing sleep and psychoneurosis pale skin color weakness of the whole body drowsiness fever up to 37-38 degrees pain in the intestines. Temperature with acetone in a child.

Symptoms and their differences

Frequent nausea Vomiting Mental fatigue Lethargy Headaches Joint pain Abdominal pain Diarrhea Dehydration. type II diabetes mellitus kidney failure alcohol intoxication starvation stress. Consequences and complications of amaryl treatment.

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The development of acetonemic syndrome is based on the absolute or relative insufficiency of carbohydrates in the child's diet or the predominance of fatty acids and ketogenic amino acids. The development of acetonemic syndrome contributes to the insufficiency of liver enzymes involved in oxidative processes. In addition, the peculiarities of metabolism in children are such that there is a decrease in ketolysis - the process of utilization of ketone bodies.